College Exams

Each course with the exception of a project work, shall normally be completed in one semester

A final (end-of­-semester) examination shall normally be required as a part of every course. An examination schedule for each course shall be published each semester.

The marks obtained in the end-of-semester examination shall contribute 60% of the grade for the courses while continues assessment contributes the remaining 40% (except for practical or other courses which are assessed entirely by continuous assessment)

Time allocated to examination papers shall be as follows

2 Credit courses                           –                      2 Hours

3 Credit hours                               –                      2 to 3 Hours

A candidate who fails to obtain a GPA of 1.50 in the first two-semester examination shall be asked by the head of the institution to withdraw from the institution. He/she may however resit the whole examinations in the following year only.

It has been agreed by Management and academic board that continuous assessment will not be considered for resit papers